Motornet System

Automation systems

MotorNet System (MNS)® SIII - Sercos III – Automation solution for high-end applications

Based on the Sercos III protocol, it is able to control up to 32 axes in electronic cam and up to 200 I/O in 1ms' cycle time. The system features two industrial PC, one for the HMI and the other for the process control. The computational power is suitable to perform very complex automation tasks, but it can grow with the speed of the processor without rewriting a single control code's line. It is open and flexible and can run both Smitec software packages and commercial solutions. It can feature as well commercial devices from Phoenix Contact, Wago and Bosch-Rexroth.

DevicesUp to 255 depending on tde cycle tymeCycle Time500us, 1,2..100ms
TasksMore tdan 100 simultaneouslyN° AxisUp to 48
Field BusSercos III, Modubus TCP, Etdernet/IPSoftwareSmitec suite, Diagos