Digital Servodrives

Automation systems

COSMOS 3010 - Digital Servodrive

Digital servodrive, available for both brushless and asynchronous motors. Designed for challenging applications on modern machinery, it offers extraordinary flexibility thanks to reliable real-time buses, sophisticated control algorithms, flexibility on motors and encoders. Available with proprietary FLXIO™ interfaces for demanding real-time applications, standard Ethernet where timings are not paramount and managed by digital and analog I/Os

Availabe models

Cosmos 3010FUUniversal4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phFLXIO2 Input
Cosmos 3010FAInverter4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phFLXIO2 Input
Cosmos 3010RUUniversal4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phRS-485I/O Plus
Cosmos 3010RAInverter4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phRS-485I/O Plus
Cosmos 3011RUUniversal4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phRS-485I/O STD
Cosmos 3011RAInverter4.2Arms14A230Vac 1phRS-485I/O STD